Say NO to the signs of Aging!

Did you know, what you put into your body has an impact on your natural aging process? True! And worse, people often put into their bodies the wrong kind of foods that can even speed up the aging process. So what do you do? Well, you can start by cleaning up your diet, avoiding or … Read more

Oh No, Allergies!

Yes, it’s allergy season!  For some this extends for most, if not the entire year!  You’re not alone though. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year Nearly 55% of all US citizens test positive for one or more allergens What is to blame?  There are many sources of allergens. Pollen, which comes … Read more

Artery Cleanse (Oral Chelation Program) with Mega-Chel

MEGA CHEL – Artery Cleanse (Oral Chelation) Program Suggested Usage: 1 month minimum for every 10 years of age! ~ Mega Chel Oral Chelate, 6 twice a day ~ Mineral Maintenance – 6 capsules twice a day -or- Colloidal Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi – 1 Tbsp twice a day ~ Cardio-Assurance 1 three times … Read more

Why use the ZYTO Compass?

My husband and I are both doctors of naturopathy who love helping people in the most efficacious way.  We are not into loading our clients up with nutritional supplements hoping something works at the expense of the client.  Clients tell us how disappointed they feel in natural health practitioners that are guilty of this.  In addition, … Read more

Why Nature’s Sunshine Products as a Business?

Because NSP Supports YOU!  And so do we!!! Membership with NSP gives you instant access to an extensive selection of wholesale vitamin supplements and an Herb Specialist who can gently guide you along the path to wellness. Free One-Year Membership with just a $40 Purchase Start your own wholesale supplement business with Nature’s Sunshine Products. … Read more