Why use the ZYTO Compass?

My husband and I are both doctors of naturopathy who love helping people in the most efficacious way.  We are not into loading our clients up with nutritional supplements hoping something works at the expense of the client.  Clients tell us how disappointed they feel in natural health practitioners that are guilty of this.  In addition, compliance drops when the client becomes discouraged with taking so many items.

Though we have available to us a variety of analytical tools to help us narrow down what nutrients the client needs, such as hair tissue analysis and Reams testing, it can be a tedious process to narrow down the supplement list to just a few items to maintain compliance and get the client well.

We were introduced to the ZYTO Compass by a fellow practitioner.  We already had a good understanding of bioresonance therapy so it wasn’t difficult to understand how the ZYTO technology works.  Yes, we have found it to be very accurate in pinpointing what the client needs.  What was amazing to us is how inexpensive our investment was.  We can afford to provide complimentary scans without concern for our overhead.  What a nice attitude to have while dealing with people trying to get their health back!

Of course we use the ZYTO Compass with Nature’s Sunshine Products.  However, you can choose from a list of several nutritional companies that it can be programmed for.  We don’t know why you wouldn’t choose NSP, but the choice is all yours.

Why add the ZYTO Compass bio-scan to your practice?

  • What a great way to start a new or existing business in natural health!
  • It’s a simple tool to use at a very minimal investment.

With all the different herbal and nutritional supplements available, do you ever find it difficult to keep track of which ones to recommend to your clients?  How do you decide which ones to take yourself?  During a consultation do you fumble with product literature or reference books trying to build the most appropriate supplement program?  Do you at times just take a guess based upon the symptoms the person is having?  Do you feel concerned you are diagnosing and prescribing?  Many times you may resort to taking the “shot gun” approach and end up providing too many supplements at an unnecessary and unproductive investment to your client. How expensive that must be for your clients and how disappointed they must feel!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have your client sit and watch an informational video while a computer program scans their body and determines what supplements their body prefers?  What if you could provide this unbiased answer for them within 5 minutes, without subjective muscle testing and without waiting for days or weeks for a test result to return?  What if this computerized system is at such a low investment you could offer to do this for your client free of charge to help them afford their supplements?!compass cradle

With the ZYTO Compass System Scan you can offer this service and become successful in your business!

The Compass combines the power of dynamic changes in the electrical properties of the skin with ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software.  ZYTO technology measures the fluctuations in the energy patterns of your skin.  The primary feedback mechanism is called Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).  When you place your hand on the Compass hand cradle, the ZYTO software sends stimuli to your body using digital signatures representative of various alternatives like nutritional supplements.  This is a pain free and non-invasive process.  Each stimulus creates a unique GSR response which the ZYTO software measures and analyzes.  It’s like asking your body questions about which nutritional supplements are available and listening to the answers it gives on the ones it prefers.

Each response is ranked according to the body’s product preference.  Armed with this new information, it gives you additional feedback about how to use the supplements and information on how to purchase the products in a detailed report that includes the ranking.

What are some advantages to offering ZYTO Compass technology in your office or home consulting NSP business?

  • Have a fool proof resource for product suggestions without fumbling with books
    • It is unbiased and simple to use
    • Entirely based on feedback from the client’s own body
  • Improve compliance in following through with supplement programs
    • You are able to provide your clients with a professional report that includes product suggestions and how to order them
    • Supplement programs are recommended for 90 days
    • This helps with their success and commitment to ordering from you
  • Own the latest technology
    • This helps you to sell more products and recruit more customers
    • Helps to increase your credibility and professionalism
    • Helps you to build a success line
  • You can offer this service to people you recruit
    • Help your team increase their sales and success


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