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UPDATE:  Please note that we no longer utilize the ZYTO Compass in our office.  We have upgraded to the ZYTO Elite for health professionals.  For those interested we do still provide access to purchasing the ZYTO Compass for your home or office, so we hope you find the following information useful…

With all the different herbal and nutritional supplements available, do you ever find it

NSPdifficult to decide which ones to take?  Is your guess based upon the symptoms you’re having, past experience, the recommendation or even guess of someone else?  Many times you may find yourself taking the “shot gun” approach and taking all the supplements suggested for your problems or what you think your needs may be.  How expensive that must be!  Aren’t you at risk for taking more than you really need?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask your body what it prefers and get an unbiased answer? What if you could receive this answer within 5 minutes, without subjective muscle compass cradletesting and without waiting for days or weeks for a test result to return?  What if this scan costs you no more than $35* or that you can receive it for free*?

* these are suggested prices for providing Compass scans at your business. This price does not reflect the fees for ZYTO Elite bioscans.

With the ZYTO Compass System Scan you can!

The Compass combines the power of dynamic changes in the electrical properties of the skin with ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software.  ZYTO technology measures the fluctuations in the energy patterns of your skin.  The primary feedback mechanism is called Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).  When you place your hand on the Compass hand cradle, the ZYTO software sends stimuli to your body using digital signatures representative of various alternatives like nutritional supplements.  This is a pain free and non-invasive process.  Each stimulus creates a unique GSR response which the ZYTO software measures and analyzes.  It’s like asking your body questions about which nutritional supplements are available and listening to the answers it gives on the ones it prefers.

Each response is ranked according to the body’s product preference.  Armed with this new information, it gives you additional feedback about how to use the supplements and information on how to purchase the products in a detailed report that includes the ranking.

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