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Winter is almost here and already a lot of us are experiencing cold symptoms; sore throats, runny noses, congestion and similar complaints.

Did you ever wonder why Winter is the time of year we tend most to get a cold or flu?  Why is Winter the time we need our immune systems to be functioning at peak performance?

Our immune system needs an ample supply of oxygen and proper nutrients to function.  During Winter time oxygen levels tend to be lowest.  This is because of the disappearance of green vegetation that contains Chlorophyll which not only helps to determine the quantity of oxygen in the air we breathe, it also determines the quality, in that green vegetation acts as a precursor to filtering and cleaning the air.  We also tend to stay inside rather than out in the fresh air.  This contributes to our lacking the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D.

During Winter not only do we tend to eat less of raw and natural foods, we consume things that damage the immune system such as alcoholic beverages, soda/soft drinks (rather than natural juices), coffee, chocolate (cocoa), saturated fat, overcooked foods, refined sugars and sugar substitutes, highly refined and processed foods.  On top of that are the many drug medications taken for illnesses!  With the approaching holidays come the more frequent consumption of processed foods with lots of empty calories, sugary treats, and alcoholic beverages. Did you know that one teaspoon of white refined sugar will paralyze approximately 200 million white blood cells for up to 5 hours?  No surprise it compromises your immunity against pathogens.

How do we defend ourselves from pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses?

Support a healthy immune system!  We can boost our immune system by,

  • Eating more natural foods, raw or just slightly cooked vegetables and fruit.
  • Eating more raw nuts and seeds.
  • Using green drinks such as Green Zone (#1103-6) to supply us with chlorophyll and nutrients our bodies need.
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of pure RO water each day.

Nutritional and Herbal Supplements that help our immunity may include:

  • Immune System Pack #11910-6
    • A convenient pack that contains 3 beneficial products for immune support.
  • Super Supplemental #1792-7
  • Immune Stimulator #1839-3
  • Protease Plus #1841-7
  • Defense Maintenance #1654-5 (also known as Flu Shot in a Bottle!)
  • Elderberry Defense #868-5
  • Vitamin E w/Selenium #1667-8
  • Super Antioxidants #1825-8
  • Vitamin C TR #1635-5
  • Vitamin A & D #4065-3
  • Beta-Carotene #4008-6
  • Zinc #1657-9
  • Trigger Immune #1889-2

Ok, so you get this information a little too late and you actually come down with a cold or flu.  What do you do then?  The important thing is to address the problem right away.  The sooner the better!  Do not ignore your symptoms.  For viruses such as cold and flu…

  • You can immediately start with VS-C #937-7, 9 capsules immediately and followed by suggested dosage on the bottle.
  • Olive Leaf Extract #204-7
  • Vitamin A&D #4065-3
  • Vitamin C TR #1635-5
  • Zinc #1657-9
  • L-Lysine #1631-4
  • Ultimate Echinacea #3181-2
  • Silver Shield #4274-1
  • Protease Plus #1841-7

Visit our websit to find out about these supplements

Using Essential Oils can help you ward off pathogen attacks.  The Guardian blend (#3922-9) helps clear the air of harmful germs. This can be diffused in a nebulizing diffuser (#3932-2) to get optimum performance.  Breath Free (#3919-1) can be diffused and/or massaged on the chest to aid congested breathing passages.  Never underestimate the power of essential oils.  They are very effective and easy to use.

Knowledge is power!  Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, you’re prepared to defend yourself this flu and cold season.  There are many books available to help you learn more about how to use herbs such as “The Little Herb Encyclopedia” by Jack Ritchason, N.D. and “The Ultimate Healing System” by Donald Lepore, N.D.  You can also attend or host an Herbal Hour to learn more about herbs and natural health.  Contact us for details!

Drs. Charlotte and Timothy Test are both naturopathic doctors, not medical doctors.  Therapies involve natural lifestyle modifications, herbs, nutrition, and relaxation techniques to address stress in your life.  Naturopaths educate, they do not “treat, diagnose, or cure” medical diseases.  We get to the root cause of the dis-ease in your life!

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