Helicobacter Pylori (Stomach Ulcers)

The information in this article including the nutritional supplements suggested has been gathered to help you understand helicobacter pylori infection that the medical community has linked as the possible cause of stomach ulcers.  Practitioners in the natural health community are educated to believe germs are not at the root cause of disease.  We believe, instead, that there is an imbalance in the body, possibly caused by stress, improper eating habits, drug use, alcohol use, use of tobacco products, environmental pollution, and an assortment of other issues we may encounter throughout our lives.  Germs take advantage of an opportunity the same as any living thing that has survival as its main goal.  Obviously addressing the imbalance issues mentioned, will be a benefit to you.  Keeping this in mind, once a germ (bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.) takes up residence in your body you may need assistance in bringing your body back to balance.

H. pylori inhabits the mucus membrane of the digestive system.  It does not necessarily invade and destroy the cells but rather creates enzymes such as urease that breaks urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia.  This ammonia is highly alkaline which works to neutralize the stomach acids.  This allows protection of the bacteria from being harmed by the stomach acids so they can live and reproduce.  As mentioned above, they don’t cause a disease but rather they take advantage of an opportunity.  That opportunity comes when lifestyle, stress, food and drink ingested weakens the mucus lining of the stomach.  Also, it’s important to know many people test positive for H. pylori but not all of those people have ulcers.  This confirms our belief that it is the imbalance at the root cause of the disease rather than the germ itself.

The nutritional supplements listed below are selected to help you restore balance to your digestive system, soothe the inflammation, and bring balance back to the natural bacterial environment.

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