Silver to the Immune Rescue

EPA rated disinfectant you can use internally!

We’re talking about Nature’s Sunshine’s Silver Shield!  We’ve had such excellent results with both the liquid and the gel, both can be used internally.  We use it for sore throats, wounds on our cat and dogs, acne, eye sores, sinus infections, food poisoning, skin infections, a rinse for our teeth and gums, mouth ulcers, and a lot more!!!  It is completely safe!  Feel confident to use it without fear of harm or side effects.

Apply Silver Shield gel to your face after washing it to get rid of those pimples and other types of skin infections.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Silver Shield liquid to water or drink straight every day to help protect you from germs including Candida.

Apply Silver Shield gel to your hands or spray the liquid on your hands before going to a hospital, child care center, school, church, or any public place. It will keep your hands free from germs for hours! You can keep a small bottle of either the gel or liquid in your purse or pocket or on the sink or counter to use as needed.

Dip a cotton swab into Silver Shield gel and swab your nostrils to avoid picking up cold or flu germs. You can also swab your ears (be sure to not insert the swab too far!) to avoid or treat ear infections.

Add some Silver Shield liquid to some warm distilled water (do NOT use salt or saline as this will neutralize the silver!) and put into your neti pot or nasal irrigation bulb to rinse your nasal passages 1-2x a day for seasonal allergies, colds, sinus infections, and flu.

For a more aggressive internal treatment in cases of difficult to eliminate pathogens (examples would be Lyme’s Disease and Malaria) use the following dosage:

First day – 1 bottle (4 oz) sipped throughout day
Next 2 days – 1/2 bottle (2 oz) consumed each day
Next 4 days – 1/4 bottle (1 oz) consumed each day
Continue two weeks with 2 teaspoons twice a day. Total of 5 bottles.
For children, dose according to weight assuming above dosage is for 150 lbs.

There are many many other uses for our silver sol products. Feel free to share your success here with us!
Silver Shield

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