Herb of the Week 9/18/2011 – Eleuthero

Eleuthero, which was once known as Siberian Ginseng, is a traditional Chinese remedy that is similar to Panax Ginseng.  It is known as an adaptogen herb which restores vitality and energy balance, increases stamina, support memory function, and acts as a tonic to improve overall health. Research has also revealed that active compounds in Eleuthero work to ease PMS and menopausal symptoms, restore sexual energy, and nourish adrenal gland function. These actions are also beneficial to those under stress. Some prefer Eleuthero over Panax Ginseng because it is not as strong.

Common Uses:
Support energy balance; help body adapt to physical & mental stress; boost stamina & vitality; restore sexual energy; enhance athletic performance; improve mental performance; support hormone balance; occasional sleeplessness; immune system support.

Peace and Good Health!
Charlotte Test, ND, MH

[The contents of this article are meant to provide education, not to provide medical diagnosis or treatment of medical diseases. Having control of your own health and well-being includes knowing when to seek medical help. It’s recommended that you consult with a competent health practitioner with professional background in natural healing before attempting to treat yourself. Please consult with your licensed medical professional for medical concerns. Use common sense to help keep you safe and healthy.]

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