Herb of the Week 9/11/2011 – Corn Silk

by The Herb Peddler on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 4:13pm

Corn Silk

aka se-lu si-li-gi, Indian Corn, Maize, Maize Silk, Mother’s Hair, Yu Mi Shu, Yu Shu-Shu, Zea.

Corn Silk, is the silky-looking fiber that surrounds the corncob.  As a natural remedy, corn silk is commonly and safely used for health of the urinary system and its functions.  Traditionally known for its soothing effects on the kidney, bladder and urinary tract, this herb has other amazing benefits as well.  Corn Silk helps maintain the body’s natural water balance.  As a result it also promotes health of the prostate for men by supporting normal urinary flow.  This water balance benefit is also helpful in the case of high blood pressure.  Corn silk’s actions maintain sodium while excreting potassium.  This is especially helpful for those with chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout or insufficiency.  Corn silk is also very helpful for inflammation that is caused by bacterial infection.  This natural remedy also works in neutralizing fungi and yeast that cause infections.

Common use:

Promotes healthy urinary function; supports normal urinary flow; promotes fluid balance; kidney & bladder health; calming effect on bladder; promotes prostate health; supports healthy blood pressure; chronic fatigue; adrenal burnout.

Best wishes for your good health!

Charlotte Test


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