Herb of the Week 10/16/2011 – Chaste Tree

Herb of the Week 10/16/2011 – Chaste Tree by The Herb Peddler on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 10:39am Chaste Tree Berry (also known as Vitex, Monk’s Pepper, Hemp Tree, and Chasteberry ) is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and parts of Asia. Traditionally the ripe dried berry is used to support women’s health while promoting … Read more

Natural Hormone Balance

Natural Hormone Balance Charlotte Test, ND, MH, CNHP First things first… A toxic liver can interfere with hormone balance!  A poor diet can as well. Detoxification with Chinese Tiao He Cleanse. Basic nutrition support. Get to bed early! Hot Flashes Melatonin1 and Zinc (acts as a catalyst) Studies show melatonin is hypothermic (reduce body temperature).  … Read more