Detox – Your Best Defense

Welcome to our daily detox program!  This is what we do to keep ourselves from becoming sick from all the toxins we all are exposed to each day.

The human body has amazing abilities to self-heal, however, when you have an abundance of toxins built up in your body, healing is a very hard thing to do.  So, due to the constant exposure to Chemtrails, GMO’s, SSSS, ELF, HAARP, Pesticides, Herbicides, parasites, viruses, mutated bacteria, Radiation and the other assortment of chemicals strewn about the planet, it is essential for us to do what we can to protect the health or our own bodies, starting with detox.  As mentioned, the one provided below is what Tim and I do.  It was put together with consideration of all these sources of toxins.  It can be increased to twice per day if you’re in need a more detoxing.

In the AM, 15 minutes before eating breakfast:

4 oz. of distilled water

1 1/2 teasp. of Nature’s Three (fiber blend), work up to 1 tablespoon.

2 teasp. Hydrated Bentonite Clay

2 teasp. of liquid Chlorophyll (this can be added to water and drank throughout the day, it’s good!)

1-2 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera Juice (organic)

I mix all these together, drink quickly, and follow with 4 to 8 oz. of distilled water.

Tim takes the chlorophyll and aloe separately.  Whatever works to get it in you.

Taking a pro-biotic is a good idea when doing a cleanse.  We take Bifidophilus.  We also take Food Enzymes occasionally to better digest our foods.  Some people with digestion issues may want to take these with their meals every day until their problem is resolved.

We are also taking Spirulina.  This protects against radiation.

And we are taking Enviro Detox as well, which is an herb combination (the name says it all).

More on Defense:

Get the minerals back in your body!!!  We take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic which is a colloidal mineral formula that contains Chinese herbs for balancing all meridians.  Fresh Lemon juice in water helps too.  This is natural source of sodium and improves your body’s energy (think how a lemon can light a lightbulb!).  We are under daily assault to our own electromagnetic fields.  It’s important you keep yourself healthy to counteract this attack.  Drinking soda and alcohol, eating sugar, smoking, taking drugs, these things work against you.  If you are going to continue them, what are you doing to compensate?

Please feel free to ask questions.  We are both Naturopathic Doctors and Master Herbalists and have been in this field a long time.  For many years we have been doing things to prepare ourselves for these things you see going on around you today.  Getting our health in shape is part of it!

And definitely, if you need a source for the supplements, visit our web  You’re much appreciated.

Peace and good health,


Drs. Charlotte and Timothy Test, Naturopaths, Master Herbalists.

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