Herbs are like forgiveness…

Herbs are like forgiveness…

Stinging Nettles

As I sit here favoring my hand newly stung by gathering Stinging Nettles I had found along the road while walking the dog this morning, I can’t help but feel so grateful to our Creator. Why, do you ask, would she feel grateful for something painful like the sting of Nettles? Two hours later still favoring my hand, my answer is “because Herbs are like forgiveness…”. Read on and I’ll explain why…

First it might help to know just what Stinging Nettles are. Many people that traipse around nature already know what Nettles are. Their first experience was probably touching the plant. The sting of Nettles is not to be forgotten feeling very similar to a bee sting. The stem of this plant is covered with tiny “hairs” that release a burning fluid made of histamine and formic acid. Touching this results in inflammation and pain. Ok, so why, is Nettles a gift from God, you ask? Stinging Nettle is one of the most nutrient-rich plants providing us with calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, sulfur, sodium, copper, manganese, chromium, zinc and vitamins A, C, D, E, F, and P, antioxidants to help fight cancer and is also rich in chlorophyll. You can prepare young Nettle tops as you would spinach and also substitute in recipes that call for spinach. A Nettles rinse can be used in the hair to restore its color. Many people around the world believe the sting of Nettles will relieve arthritis. You may have heard of using Bee stings for this. I’d rather be stung by Nettles! The list continues of Nettles benefits.

But where do Stinging Nettles shine? As a remedy for hay fever! This one plant has provided much needed relief for many people that suffer from allergies. Hay Fever is such a common allergy problem this time of year. How convenient to find Stinging Nettles along the roadside! By the way, it’s good to know you don’t need to expose Nettles to the naked skin to receive the benefits. They lose their sting once they’re dried or boiled and remain a very effective remedy.

Herbs are like forgiveness…

I once had the wonderful opportunity to attend a CNHP Advanced Herbology class taught by Philip Fritchey, MH, ND, CNHP. One thing he said that touched me was “Herbs are like forgiveness…”. What he meant by this was in all the world we see a lot of ailments brought on by our own means. We pollute our air, water, and land. We eat food undesirable to our health and well-being, but satisfying to our taste. We apply chemicals to our skin and hair to look good without regard to what they’re doing to us in the inside. Drugs are taken for quick suppression of symptoms with little thought or care of the consequences. Smoke is sucked into the lungs for satisfaction of a craving. You get the picture. As a result we suffer from allergies, digestive problems, depression, in a nutshell autointoxication. But yet in our own backyards are found the very cures for our self-afflictions.

Herbs are like forgiveness…

During the class we discussed how amazing it is that herbal remedies are found when and where they’re most needed. Mullein which is a great healer of the lungs is found in abundance along the roadside where exhaust fumes are polluting the air we breath. Dandelion sprouts in the Spring when internal “housecleaning” benefits best. Plantain is found all summer long when insect bites are a threat, right along side the beneficial clover flowers that bees are collecting pollen from. And Stinging Nettles is growing abundantly along the roadside during this time of severe allergies and respiratory woes for many people.

I still have some tingling where the Nettles stung me. But I’m grateful because I know and understand how herbs are like forgiveness. I’m grateful I’ve found such a large patch of Nettles I can collect (with gloves!) to add in my recipes so my family can benefit from all the plant offers us. I’m also grateful because I know I don’t have to ever be stung again by Nettles because it’s the key ingredient in Nature’s Sunshine Products HistaBlock conveniently packaged in capsule form.

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[The contents of this article are meant to provide education, not to provide medical diagnosis or treatment of medical diseases. Having control of your own health and well-being includes knowing when to seek medical help. It’s recommended that you consult with a competent health practitioner with professional background in natural healing before attempting to treat yourself. Please consult with your licensed medical professional for medical concerns. Use common sense to help keep you safe and healthy.]

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