Finger Nail Signs – What do they mean?

Finger Nail Signs Corresponding to Health

Below are some commonly seen finger nail signs along with possible health issues that may correspond to these.  It does not mean these health problems are the cause of the corresponding signs in the finger nails.  It may simply mean that the root causes are similar.  Always address the root cause!  For example, malnutrition is seen as a common corresponding health issue.  This may affect anyone that does not eat healthy consistently and that may have poor ability to absorb nutrients.  This may be due to insufficient hydrochloric acid (HCl) which may come from drinking too many soft drinks, taking anti-acids too often, eating too much sugar in the diet, to name a few possibilities.  How to address the root cause of this includes eating healthy foods regularly, avoiding consuming those things that can lead to the problem, use Food Enzymes to help improve digestion.

Blue – severe respiratory problems, COPD, emphysema, other lung disease

Brittle – thyroid, psoriasis,

Dark splinter like lines – heart problems

Dry, cracked cuticles – hormonal (look at adrenals)

Lines, horizontal – stress

Lines, longitudinal – kidneys

Moons (lack of lunula) – circulation

Pitting – psoriasis, autoimmune hair loss

Spade shape – malnutrition, nutrient absorption problems

Dark band near tip (Terry) – congestive heart failure, diabetes, liver disease, malnutrition

Separation from bed – injury or infection, thyroid, drugs, psoriasis, reaction to acrylic

Soft – malnutrition, kidneys, heart

Thick cuticles – too much meat consumption

Tip curves down (Clubbing) – weak lungs, low oxygen levels, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease.

Tip curves up – parasites, iron deficiency anemia

Horizontal waves (Beau’s lines) – diabetes, PAD, severe illness with fever, malnutrition (absorption)

White spots – zinc

Yellowed nails, thickening – respiratory (bronchitis), lymphedema,


To gain more information on root causes of many of these conditions and how to address them, visit our website  From there you can take the Health Analyzer quiz to follow up on your finger nail findings.  The Health Analyzer also guides you in what to do to address your concerns.



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