A Challenge in Success

We have a challenge for you.  Hang with us as we explain…

As you know, we both are not only Naturopaths and Master Herbalists, we are Independent Distributors of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP).  Distributors since 1997, we have been at the Manager level since 1998.  It took approximately one year of, first buying products for our own needs, to the transition of figuring out it was more advantageous for us as well as our customers, to share the same opportunity we benefit from in our own business.  We realized how completely unnecessary it is to suffer with your health when we have these amazing herbs available to us to use for healing.  So we began sharing what we know.  From that point on we became Managers, offered NSP products to our clients, educated others with Herbal Hours, and soon enjoyed an all paid Rising Star convention for two to boot!

Well we have experienced another transition, so to speak.  After experiencing the negative effects of this horrible economy, truly we did as many of you have, and witnessing the devastation of the financial lives of friends, we realized how completely unnecessary this suffering is!  Why are we allowing this to happen?!?  Not only do we have these amazing herbs NSP offers for healing, we also have this extremely simple business to go along with it!  When we started all we had to do was invest a $40 purchase in herbs, vitamins, essential oils, safe household cleaners, the choice was all ours.  Who would’ve ever thought setting up a business would be that cheap.  On top of that we get in return opportunities to learn for FREE.  NSP not only brings education to our hometowns, they share the knowledge right on their website for free.  Webinars, Power Points, PDF’s, even a social community.  This just the tip of the iceberg but you get the point.

Now for the challenge…

If you already have a NSP membership under us, all you have to do is find one (1) person that you sign up under yourself.  You will be the sponsor this time.  If you already have people, just get one more.  This person only needs to purchase $40 in products for his or her self.  If they don’t know what to choose, have them fill out the Health Analyzer located on the NSP website.  This will direct them to what body system needs help.  From this point they can choose the corresponding body system pack.  Please don’t forget to let them know what your membership ID is so they can be properly placed under you.  If you would feel more comfortable, contact us and we’ll help them choose based on information provided to us.

If you do not yet have a membership, you have one step to do first.  Visit our website www.mynsp.com/herbalhour, select the products you would like (you can take the Health Analyzer if need be or ask us for help), and when you check out you will be able to receive your free membership provided that your order is at least $40 in wholesale cost.  Then go ahead and get your one person.  This can be a friend, relative (provided it’s not your spouse), coworker, neighbor, client, or a complete stranger.

What do you get out of succeeding in this challenge?

  • An herbal remedy booklet we will send to you explaining the uses of herb remedies, what to use for what.  It’s very nifty. We’ll mail this to you.
    • This may be a simple gift but has powerful rewards, information that can be used to help heal the world one person at a time.
  • You also receive the opportunity to feel good about helping another human being start on the road to natural wellness.  Sharing that same benefit you yourself have received.
    • Helping even one person to feel better is such a powerful accomplishment that no price can be placed on.  Believe us, we’ve helped many and continue to feel blessed.
  • Very importantly you will have started your own business on the road to success.
    • There is no need to feel the oppression of this depressed economy.  You have the tools at your fingertips to liberate the world of these unnecessary financial bindings, one person at a time, starting with yourself.  You have nothing to lose but so very much to gain.
    • All it takes is sharing.  No selling; you will not have needed to take money from anyone, nor had to handle products.  NSP takes care of the transactions and shipping.  It’s just simply sharing.

What do we get out of this challenge?

  • We will have had the incredible opportunity to help other people not only in the health of their bodies but also in their financial health too.
    • Once the people of our membership group have been successful in sharing the benefits of NSP with others, they see just how simple it is to experience magnificent accomplishments from just simple efforts in sharing.
    • Each person that is added to our membership group is another person that can be helped on their way to health and financial well-being.
      • We have our knowledge and experiences to share with any and all that just ask us.
  • We will be able to get closer to our goal of helping the world to heal.  This has become a mission of ours many years ago when it was realized by us that the truth about healing needs to be shared with other people.
    • We understand we can’t take this on alone.  We need to pull together to get this accomplished.

All it takes is simply sharing!

Alright, the challenge is on!

Again, if you do not already have a membership, either contact us or just go to our website and sign up for your free membership with a $40 purchase in products.  www.mynsp.com/herbalhourHealth Analyzer link.

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